The Miura Book

Our long awaited book...when will it be published? When it's ready, because we're determined it should be the definitive work, however long that takes.

Our aim is to document the conception, birth, development, demise and legacy of the Miura, framed within the context of the times when it was imagined, designed, built, sold and driven, and most importantly to record the first-hand stories of those who were there and remember the facts.

It's not a sales-puff book to promote cars, dealers or restorers or to mythologise the Miura as an example of automotive perfection. You'll find anecdotes, unfiltered critiques, conflicting opinions and lots of surprises, but in every case we've tracked down the original source and asked them not to hold anything back.

Their recollections are a priceless first-hand resource, the original material that recalls the Miura as it was in the Sixties and the personalities and interactions among the small team that produced the breakthrough supercar. As the years pass fewer of the people survive who made and witnessed its history, and for some this may be their last chance to tell their story and preserve this record for posterity.

We welcome your contributions, original photographs, period recollections and suggestions. Please e-mail us at

When the book is finally ready we promise you'll know about it.

PS- Hopefully this year!

The Miura
The Miura