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We’d like to share this information with everyone, but creating the Register and keeping it updated is time consuming and expensive so we hope you won’t mind contributing. We are self-funded with no advertising. Subscribers receive full access to the Register which currently has production data on all 760-plus Miuras built, and specific car-by-car historical information on two thirds of them and growing, mostly accompanied by photographs. Current owners names are generally not published unless in the public domain.

Information has been sourced from owners, dealers, historians, journalists, restorers and most importantly, ex-factory employees over the past 30 years.

Anyone contributing information and images on cars which we do not have logged will receive a year’s complimentary subscription.

Hopefully you’ll use this as the definite resource for information on the Lamborghini Miura: for whom in the world they were destined, how they looked, and their fates since. How many have survived? With your help we’ll tell you…

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